Our goal is offer a specialized consulting service for our customers to obtain optimum solutions that add value to their companies and meet their demands.

For us every design is a challenge, so our highly qualified specialists implement international standards in the design space, thus achieving comfort conditions and hygiene, quality, safety and efficiency that our customers want is your HVAC system, plus reduction cost of installation, repair, operation and maintenance caused by improper preliminary study. Similarly we offer solutions for buildings with bioclimatic architecture.



The commissioning is a quality assurance process to verify and document that the design, installation, operation and maintenance of systems and equipment conforms to the objectives and operational needs of the project owner. We know now our commercial and industrial customers have a strong commitment to the environment and social responsibility, which is why we support the process of Commissioning of HVAC systems, in addition to being one of the requirements for obtaining certification of sustainable buildings through the LEED rating system, it allows the reduction of the use of energy and water, operating costs and waste production, increasing the quality of the environment and helps people to live more comfortable, healthy and productive.



While Commissioning is carried out during the design process, the Retro-Commissioning applied in existing buildings that have not completed or have not had a process of commissioning. In order to evaluate an existing building is to identify the problems of operation of facilities and systems that can hinder performance of the building to provide solutions to optimize building operations and maintenance processes, and also, reduce costs performance and power consumption.


Project Audits:

Experience, efficiency, logistics capabilities, knowledge and skills are characteristics that define us as a company with the ideal profile to carry out monitoring, control, monitoring and implementing and monitoring compliance with contractual obligations agreed by our customers.

Our consulting services in air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and heating focus on the technical and environmental area buildings, industrial plants, laboratories, hospitals, computer centers and other areas of industrial and commercial sectors.