We have experience in design, installation and maintenance, following international standards and norms for their projects have great support and your investment is in good hands.

Our qualified staff with the latest in comfort systems, offering our customers quality and service.


We create the right climate for any type of building.

Types of Equipment

Eolik Engineering Group S.A.S. has been an essential part in the construction of buildings in the region recognized for its high efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

Unidad Fan Coil
Enfriamiento Evaporativo
Chiller Tornillo
Mini Split Floor Ceiling
Aire Acondicionado Precisión
Extractores Centrífugos de Tejado y Pared
Torre de Enfriamiento
Accesorio Eólico
Chiller de Absorción
Chiller Centrífugo
Ventilador Flujo Mixto
Unidad Manejadora de Aire
Paquete Condensado por Agua
Paquete Condensado por Aire
Manejadora Agua Helada
Ventilador Axial Techo
VRF (Flujo de Refrigerante Variable)
Ventilador Centrífugo
Mini Split Wall Mounted
Mini Split Cassette